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The Children’s Ministry seeks to serve the church by Educating Children, Equipping Parents, and Engaging Volunteers so that the Kingdom of God might be glorified.


We will educate children by teaching the Word in an environment that is inviting, compelling, and age-appropriate.


We will equip parents by partnering with them to encouraging the spiritual development of their children.


We will engage volunteers by building relationships, honoring their spiritual gifts, and providing strategic support.


Check the Sunday morning schedule below.



24 Months

Nursery Check-in at

9:00 am



Check-out at the end

of worship service


"The Flower Bed"


2 Years Old


5th Grade

Sunday School at



All classrooms at

Children's Center

2 Years Old


5 Years Old


Stay with parents

From 10:45 am -

Before Sermon

Then Leave Chapel

to "The Pond"

Classroom for

Children's Worship





5th Grade

Worship with Parents

for the whole service

CLC Chapel




We will work closely with our mother church to serve our own people on Christian education


We will provide a full set of Christian education curriculum for all age groups


Start to think about your children's spiritual needs and let us know your questions

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